I recently moved to San Francisco to more seriously pursue a career in tech. I enjoy software engineering and strive to be the best engineer I possibly can be. I want to do more open source work, but I currently don't have much time and energy for it, and am focused primarily on my day job (SDE at Twitch). I spend a lot of my free time reading.

I semi-regularly write and edit the content on here. There currently isn't a great way to follow updates to my pages (aside from the Gemlog RSS feed), but I'm working on improving this.

My software interests include self-hosting, gemini, minimalism, permacomputing, and digital self-reliance. I have a distaste for how technology is centered around making money, rather than an open, non-commercial space for exploration, information, and creativity. I think small, independent FOSS software is a strong counter to this. I'm interested in exploring different relationships we have with computers, and ways that way can build software that gives users more control over their computing. I try and explore these ideas in my projects, the primary active one is flounder.online, a simple gemini/http web hosting service that I use for this web page. I am interested in a lot of old/abandoned technology -- I think that in many ways, the path that software has taken in recent years has led us astray, and we have reached a sort of dead end. I think we need a "return to principles" in computing, figuring out where things went wrong and how we can develop a more positive future. I think that software engineering remains an extremely immature discipline, and there is a lot of work to be done to make computers work better for their users.

COVID has been an era of relative isolation but also great personal growth and self-reflection for me.

If you ever want to know what I am up to at any given time in my life, check this page. I don't really use social media much anymore.