Someone seems to be covering green day’s holiday at a house show?

there is this guy on tik tok who gives very standard sound financial advice and has like a million followers. very strange


Got a new yorker subscription

Finished most of the Flounder rewrite -- just need to do some cleanup and QA -- look forward to a new build soon!


in 2017 I made $6000 from bitcoin investments, haven't been involved in bitcoin since then


enjoying listening to UC berkeley radio

My neighbors are playing The Witness


My project for this week is to listen to radio. in college I was a radio DJ from the midnight to 2AM slot on thursdays, playing electronic dance music. one time I talked for like 15 minutes about an article in the guardian about sexism in electronic dance music. I wonder if anyone ever heard that.


Thinking about the time i saw bernie sanders in iowa and the lead singer from foster the people did a solo show and didn't play pumped up kicks but instead played a bunch of deep cuts he wrote in high school


Spotted graffiti — “shalom, y’all”


learning about the ford model t

found $20 on the street today


Thinking about when a white claw promoter gave out free white claw at a company party at my old work two years before it got popular and everyone was like this tastes like shit. before its time.

bough a typewriter

thinking about the time i was at a house show and the band played a melodramatic, sarcastic cover of yellow by coldplay


Thinking about and re listening to hurtbreak wonderland, the 2007 album by japanese postrock artist world's end girlfriend, an album i have only listened to 2 or 3 times but which I really really enjoyed. relistening now

I think my favorite album of all time is solo piano by philip glass. is it an "album"

social media and the death drive


my apartment has an upstairs part, i'm making a rule for myself that no technology is allowed up there

meditating 30min daily now


bought a bike today. i have not owned or ridden a bike in 4 years.

sewed a hole in my cutoff jean shorts instead of buying new ones

bought my bike from a recent uc berkeley grad in a student co-op that used to be a catholic monastery and i made a joke about how now would be a great time to join a monastery and saw a facebook ad for joining monasteries.


started rereading dune today


Woke up today and the sky was orange and dark. I had resolved not to check my phone today before work, and had guessed it was like 5AM, but it was actually 9AM. My apartment complex is dead quiet.


Did an enegram test and got type 4


I relate to this strongly.

the heart sutra is the most frequently recited text in the mayahana buddhist tradition which i wonder if it makes it the most frequently recited text in the world. depends on definitions of "text" and "recited"


The sun was red yesterday here in southern oregon from the smoke from the fires. Eerie

In Berkeley California


I currently live in the city in the united states with the coldest summers in the continental united states



Bought a slab of live edge wood, going to treat it and make a table out of it. I've spent a month in Port Angeles, Washington with my parents, and it's got me surprisingly enjoying smaller town life. If I ever move out of the bay area, it'll probably be to a place like this. I like the sort of DIY attitude a lot of people have here.


I've been thinking about old technology.

Found a 4 leaf clover on a hike today:


Been thinking about getting into IRC because of how many people who do "small web" stuff use IRC, but I find the medium somewhat unpleasant. Not just because IRC is old and clunky, but because I'm not a fan of synchronous online group chat in general. I'd much rather email people.

Completely obsessed with this article on mechanical windmills, research done in the Netherlands in the 1920s to improve windmills long after they had commercial value, and a potential future for mechanical windmills. Represents everything I said above.



Calmed by the horns of the ships that I hear from my room

Read this horrifying story:



accidentally ate a bite of bacon hamburger today; realized i've been vegetarian for nearly a decade


impulse bought a beat up old film camera on ebay


Trying to "inbox 0" all the emails I've received since 2006 -- deleting things I don't need to save, etc. I have an attitude towards archiving where I don't want to just be a "data hoarder" -- I want to curate what I think is important enough to keep, which often isn't that much!

I'm 7,000 messages down out of 120,000

Article on some of the ideological foundations of flounder:


Thinking about what a colossal failure bitcoin and blockchain was.

Continuing to edit emails and being nostalgic for a time when I was very unhappy

Napped from 5pm to 10pm


Posted Flounder on the Gemini mailing list.

I ran cross country in high school and ran inconsistently after that. Running fits really well with my current life situation, so I'm getting back into it. If you want to track my times and progress, check out:


Played around with my email setup today. Pulled a bunch of mbox files from several old gmail accounts. Using notmuch + alot to filter them

on 10/25/2008 I released a number of latex balloons with a tag attached telling whoever found them to email me where they found it. I released them from St. Louis and got two responses -- one in Louisville, Kentucky at 38.2468, -85.75927 on 10/26/2008 another in rural illinois, at 38.02657, -89.14356 on 10/27/2008

Numbers may be approximate -- this is based on an old document I stumbled upon.


Funny project: https://bible.artimproved.com/


Elon Musk's Starlink's affect on the night sky:


It's fun to write software without time or business constraints. I've been rewriting modules for flounder and making useless optimizations just because it's fun and interesting

Good article that helped inspire flounder:


Looking at photos of me in college and getting deeply sad


Experimenting with a really cool client for twtxt:


Thinking about the time as a kid I tried to teach myself to write with my left hand.


Think I'm going to transfer my money to a credit union when I move to Berkeley.

Just got renters insurance from a "hip" "cool" "fun" insurance company. with emojis.

My mom lost her sense of smell a few days ago, got a COVID test, she does not have COVID.


Thinking about how I have never purchased a car


i live close enough to the water to hear the horns of boats in the morning, when it is quiet


hiked the olympic discovery trail for 7 miles today. Took a picture of this odd crashed car:


Experimented with a new way of converting this image using a command-line tool called imagemagick:


The command I used was:

convert car.jpg -resize 350x350 -define jpeg:extent=32kb car2.jpg 

This has been a lot faster than using GIMP or an online file uploader.


Lots of great new content on Flounder! Also, I've been enjoying this guy's videos about rollercoaster tycoon 2:


Should I start handwriting Flounder posts? Could be fun


First day of new job

Finished adding statuses to flounder via the twtxt protocol. This should be the last major feature for a while.


Welcomed a few users to Flounder. Here are some cool pages that people have created:




Cori Bush won the St Louis congressional primary!

Really enjoyed this article:



Created Flounder. Flounded flounder