a lens into the depth of Alex’s subconscious

[Some of these are unreadable bc i write them when half asleep.]

Dreamt i was being shown Round lower east side in manhattan by x and y and that i was carrying nioe air force 1s or maybe new balances, then talking to y alone was mugged and then shot in the chest and woke up but instead Of freaking out freaked out oess and was immediately aware i was dreaming (x and y both flounder users)

Dreamt i was hanging with x (no flounder account)

Several Very vivid dreams. Dreamt i got groceries with my dad buy the cause we losing it and taking half a hour plus to do things but my dad was unfinity patient,’ second quit right fz risky . Finally Saw x (famous person) fromv outside a window

Dreamt i was unplugging ask the fire alrarms in my apartmrnt for 6 minutes to grt a noise to stop but actually it was my phoje alrm

Dreamt zoe was twitter famous

dreamt basically the pilot of a TV show that i was semi aware was fictional while dreaming of it. articulating it will sound somewhat insane. it was like a sci fi story with kind of insane rules where we were traveling around the universe (me and some girl) for some vague reason, and everyone was kind of insane. This isnt making sense at all. I don't remember what was driving the plot of this

dreamt I texted x

dreamt i wore a suit at the nyc twitch office, where a lot of other people dressed business casual

Drramt that i was going seimming in sf eith xoworkers after work but my coworkers were mostly people from my life. We couldn’t find the swim place . Also in the dream i had weird unexplained acne on my thighs

Dream gir i hd a crush on tfjed tlo kill me but then taught a yoga class and wr eofkrd thjnks out.

Also folofes park had more new sidewalks and i helpedd a different girl i nad a crusb on and repprged agiethc bug

Dreamt i was hanging out with my coworker and very tired and she drove me on the highway but i was nervous bc i didn’t know if she was a good driver also cars are insane. And then we get into a head on collision with someone going the wrong way on the highway and i wake up

Dreamt i was preoccupied with projects from my previous job and splitting time

(Bad) dreamt someone was doinc fireworks outside and one of the rockets hit my face and then got trapped into my apartment, which set off the sprinkler. I go downstairs along with the building manager but dont see anyone elsr go while the alarms blare. We find the guy and apprehend hin while he whines about something else, also he has a gun. He is impatient while I’m holding on to him and is like “was no one hurt, can I go?” While the building manager steps out to call the police. The fireworks guy says “hey you canyon call the cops, schenker is going to get me and kill me”. i (anti cop and prison) relent and let go of him and he immediately shoots me in the head, I fall to the floor thinking I am dead while I taste blood and feel my skull in my mouth and then immediately wake up and write this. Last thing that I remember pre- dream death is my building manager being startled and turning around. I wake up briefly wondering if I’m dead, as the dream started exactly where I am and everything was very realistic (no real fantastic elements aside from dream logic)

Dreamt i was in hawaii writing a screenplay abt a black man who went back in time 24 hours That involve some racial comedy (strange)

Dreamt that during escalating geopolitical tensions, people started talking about nuclear war, including my parents, and I insisted that nuclear war is off the table and will not happen and then it happens and nearly everyone dies while i walk around with a geiger counter app and manage to connect with reddit to find the reddit post about it

Vaguely remember dreaming that elizabeth warren was running for president in 2024 (i think) and was polling extremely well very close to the election

Weird dream where a lot happened but the ending was on an airplane to japan active was in the same room and forced to watch this 20 hour art/horror film that played in reverse and sounded like it was made by a cult. I tried to get off the plane And then w woke up when i couldn’t lol I

Dreamt I was at Coles with a large and shifting group of people, starting with someonr i hooked up with from tinder like 5 years ago. In the real world they are substantially taller than me but in the dream we are the same height. They referred to a pbr with limr as “with kit”. The bar was on the opposite side of the room vs real coles. I was reluctant to drink bc I am taking a month off drinking in the real world. One of my coworkers was there but i didn’t recognize him at first and talked as if i didn’t know him. It was about to storm and in this dream world coles was under my old chicago apartment. This is the first vivid dream I’ve had in a while and i think it has to do with being in hawaii

Dreamt there was an extremely invasive viral YouTube video that covered my life and highlighted the most insane parts to portray me very poorly

Dreamt I was being bullied by both my ex-gf but also more primarily one of my ex-friends who I haven't talked to in like 5 years

Dreamt i was in a debate with ben shapiro

Dreamt i was grinding my teeth. Which i do, and i wear a night guard for, but forgot to today.

Dreamt i had q number i of conversations on discord

Dreamt of a loud noise and woke up to a loud noise. Woke up and then retroactively felt like I was dreaming even though I was awake. working on articulating

Dreamt I was doing some sort of debate exercise with one of my friends from high school but i was in a college lecture hall. We had some ethical question that was multi layered and kind of incoherent. one of my other friends from high school was also there

Dreamt that there was escalating tension between us and Russia culminating in a nuclear strike and there was a nyt article tat read “NUCLEAR STRIKE AT PARK” with the subheading “the strike, the first since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, touched down at a children’s playground in LA” And a very eerie new york tones infographic while me and my cousin and his friend started driving to get out of the Bay Area. Went back to sleep and dreamt that i thought this was interesting enough to explain to my coworker

dreamt that I was really bad at using my film camera and wasted a bunch of film (also true in real life)

had an insanely intense and dramatic dream where the fbi seized the flounder.online servers for no clear reason (in real life they are in the cloud)

Dreamt that x invited some people to flounder and that I was busy scoopibg out a water from a flooded apartment

Vaguely remember dreaming recently that joe biden died and kamala harris became president

Thought I dreamt something two nights in a row but not sure if that was the case

Very vivid dream where elon musk is like a. Global dictator and leaves earth with a bunch of resources for another planet and earth is left to decay basically and this authoritarian police atate runs it and i (who am a low level billionaire in this world) lead a ragtag resistance of like a few farmers and scientists to his regime which holds power by buying people off and threatening others. I spend most of the time evading pursuit

dreamt I took a picture of myself holding a pinecone for a dating app. also that i was stuck in a confusing maze-like airport

Dreamt i was in a tiny 70 person town in Louisiana just hanging out by the river. It was like rockbridge in that it was a town within a much larger town. The River i was In fed into the Mississippi. I asked someone to take my photo and email it to me and they were very friendly

Dreamt some of my friends made a trip to the moon but i was increasingly skeptical because this is impossible and they must be lying about it. But i realized i am the one lying by dreaming up something fake

Dreamt i was in Jail for pirating Pokémon blue

Dreamt i got covid

Dreamt i read a really long and Frank email from a bunch of my friends about what they thought i of me

Dreamt i drMk from a soda labeled poison but subtly.! On accident

Dreamed i was in succession basically

Had a nightmare that I couldn't get Honest Tea green tea with honey anywhere, after being unable to get it at my regular store today.

Dreamt that i was giving a lecture about different things and explaining why Google glass and the metaverse are stupid ideas, to a receptive audience

Dreamt i got an Instagram dm from sometime i haven’t talked to in C a while about a m utuaal friend. Also dreamt that i had this vr that let me experience sf in the 80s. Talked to d friend who dnd me about it. When semi awake dreamt that i was ranking girls’ attractiveness in this file while unconscious and quickly made sure that wasn’t the case

Dreamt i was having dinner and also hanging out with some friends, including ****, who was the last one to leave and we talked for a while after

Dreamt i was on an airplane and some other stuff but my phone died and I couldn’t remember. Something about a new job

Dreamt i was in a fictional version of hawaiian islands reading etiquette classes and failed. I was in a wheelchair and taking cooking classes. Got in truce because. Radar .w and issue side. Good luck to gfs couple because m mm out side thing is not sitting. Then feel asleep and accidentally read about nuclear secrets and worried something bad would happen tk me and woke up w a start

Dreamt that flounder “blew up” and a ton of people made accounts

Dreamt that ***** made a flounder account

Dreamt that **** made a flounder account

Had a party at a huge house and a ton of people showed up, including people i have really really obscure relationships to

Dreamt i was hanging out with one of my New York friends and New York was very rough and Also. Dreamt something about going to S convenience store

Dreamt i saw all my old classmates from high school in a classroom while i was on vacation in California. Dreamt about bees again

Dreamt that I was in vermont and it was really small. like cities were very close to each other

On a walking tour with my mom around nyc degree she’s getting a job as a physical lab tech and also bees are stinging me especially my skulls and I’m killing them. Dream 2: That i was in the twitch office and Ella emhoff worked at twitch and woke up and had to double check slack to make sure that isn’t true

Elaborate dream where i saw like 3 incredible life changing movies including one by rachel sennot called “panorama A” and also i was in a fictional bookstore in San Francisco looking at zizek books and someone came in screaming about the end of the world. tons of ofher things happened that i forgot but it was very incoherent

Dreamt i was at eork and me and my choristers kept hacking to community between rodent offices she i Ed tricking s or scott your long it to.? Thought about data structure in my dream and for o coles though they get the fv cartoonish card driving on l trade that Dont Rust zz the five Ryder c to to you

Dreamt i impulse flew to hawaii in the middle of the day and Kind of had a bad time

Dreamt i got “canceled” for “ironically” wearing a MAGA hat

Dreamt i was working on P=NP

dreamt I was in a border town in south dakota and thinking of buying a house

Was on a party bus post covid and we were watching YouTube videos on a tiny crt monitor

Also later i was trying to write down my dream but couldn’t because i realized i was dreaming and tried to wake myself up successfully

Dreamt i played chess in s tournament (30 min match) against ella emhoff and could almost remember my board but because my unconscious mind di m mknnp nov


Dreamt I was in a strange cursed building trying to get out and succeeding.


Had a nightmare where I was walking home from a bar in Chicago and being chased by shadowy fogures. Woke up


Had a recurring dream that i have had since college where I’m taking German class which is the last class I need to graduate and the usual teacher isn’t there and it is taught by a sub but I forget to study for any of the tests or come to class and end up failing and I have to wake up and remember that I actually did graduate and receive a degree and don’t need another foreign language credit


Usually I type these into my phone as soon as I wake up. Today, my phone was almost dead so I didn't. Had a vivid and complex dream which included getting struck by lightning but it going through my arm and not my heart and surviving.


I was hanging out with Mormons (Note to reader: I’ve been reading a lot about Mormonism recently) and they were doing hardcore Christian mystic shit like group chants and hypnosis and speaking in tongues, which I don’t think mormons do.


My dogecoin investment (which in real life is $11) exploded in value to like $1000.


I was in my old studio apartment in chicago and someone who I was friends with in college but don't talk to anymore was sort of negging me while I was trying to get her to give me books that she was donating bc she was moving.


Vaguely remember that this dream starts at the end and then went backwards via flashback. I’m talking to this guy from my college who is a pickup artist and he is being obnoxious about "fucking" this girl and then he leaves and I ask her some questions like how old is she and she said 17 and I’m like wtf. This takes place at my aunt’s house but then later at my college apartment. Somehow we get to a place where he talks about how he got arrested out in the wilderness and then it flashes back to me actually being in that situation where I’m carrying this painting in my room and apparently trespassing and then get arrested but these are British police and they make me sleep on a cot on a pile of dung they brought with them. I’m trying to sell this painting and the artist who made it secretly comes and paints over it with a letter on it then I write on top of the letter explaining that my room in my college apartment is for rent. Then he paints over it again with some colorful design and it gets nailed into a coffin which is the bed I sleep in on top of the dung pile in the wilderness. Also at some point I talk to a different girl who slept with this pick up artist (not the 17 year old) who thought he was a loser and then later see her on a dating app. Woke up at 3am briefly but don’t remember why or when it was in relation to this dream (I think before)


Slept very deeply. Vaguely remember dream about Gemini. Also I got a flip phone.


I was working on a congressional campaign and on the phone with my mom about it. At the end someone told me a slacker classmate from middle school was a congressman in Alaska, a fact I already believed to be true in the real world. My mom encouraged me to run for an empty congressonal seat in Texas.


There was this guy who has like Ice-9 from Cats Cradle (A form of ice that, when it comes into contact with water, raises its melting point so it is solid at room temperature. Ie, if it was dropped into the ocean, that would be the end of human life on earth) but as a superpower that could be reversed and turned the ocean to ice and then held the world hostage while everyone struggled with their limited remaining water supply. There were like water games like in The Hunger Games. It wasn’t clear what the guy who did this wanted but there were lots of negotiations.


I was explaining a joke to Olivia where I had two pictures of party scenes from TV shows, one of which was supposed to be from St Louis, but everyone looked like they were from Berkeley, and one was in Berkeley, but everyone looked like they were from LA. This was a sideplot from a main plot where I was in like a small Berkeley taco place, but dont remember the original plot.


I went to Joe Biden’s inauguration with Olivia surrounded by “dirtbag left” podcasters.


Don't remember much in my dream except I was coding in Go (the programming language Flounder is written in) and there was really clean, easy error handling (which Go does not have)


I typed in Gmail wrong and it sent my work computer to a nasty virus site that ruined my computer in extremely complex ways, breaking even the power button, etc. I was debating with my coworker whether I should tell the company what happened or try and fix it myself. Became extremely frustrated. Woke up from this dream while hacker was on video call with me and yelled telling him to kill himself. But woke up when I said this so just unconsciously yelled it to an empty apartment. Had this dream after waking at 7am then sleeping again to 8:30.

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