NFT -- New Flounder Tokens

What does it mean to own something? There are many things we can own that are not physical objects: intellectual property, business entities, etc. According to blockchain enthusiasts, you can also own something by sending virtual currency to a cryptographic address. "Owning" something is an abstract concept, whose parameters are enforced by some entity. Is this entity the state? Is it a network of computers?

This is why I am introducing New Flounder Tokens. By supporting Flounder development at

You can own exclusive rights to the single New Flounder Token in existence. The highest donor will become the new owner of this token.

Ownership will be enforced by speech acts. I will declare, verbally, that you are the new owner of the New Flounder Token, with the statement "I hereby declare (your name) is the new owner of the New Flounder Token. making you the owner within the framework of the New Flounder Token blockless-chain. New Flounder Token ownership is exclusive and non-transferable. If I become incapable of making speech acts, the owner at that point will remain the owner indefinitely.

Certificates of ownership available upon request, for additional cost.

Current owner: None