Monthly Update: October 2021

I've been thinking of ways to better broadcast what I've been working on. I've seen others write a "monthly update", and I decided to adopt the practice.

I've added a new section on my site:


In this, you'll find a finger-based content aggregation protocol I put together


A new list I started with "small web" services:


And I've moved my "awesome small rust" github repo to flounder:


I've been getting a bit back into working on tech stuff in my free time, as well as writing a bit more. You'll find many additions to my journal file:


I've added some scripts to my misc git repo, including some more simple rust snippets:

I've also been trying to read a bit more, and added a book review to:


I feel increasingly invested in the ideas of a small, independent web presence. I have a renewed interested in Flounder, Gemini and uxn[0]. As always, if you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at

I'm thinking of adding a mailing list that you can subscribe to, but for now, I recommend using the atom feed[1], or gemlog feed[2] to keep updated on what I'm doing on a monthly basis. I experimented recently with Feedly[3], and it's an easy to use RSS/Atom reader that you can use to subscribe to RSS/Atom feeds, if that's not something you've done before. I also recommend Elaho[4] as a Gemini iOS app, if you're used to usually reading Gemini via Flounder's proxy. Hope that you keep in touch, and I'm always happy to hear from my readers. I hope to write more non-tech content soon.

EDIT: I set up a mailing list. Follow to get this update and more sent straight to your mailbox!


[0] uxn

[1] atom

[2] gemlog

[3] Feedly

[4] Elaho